We Have a Battle!

As of our deadline on December 1st, we had 12 bands register and meet qualifications! In our minds, that’s just about the perfect number for a really solid battle. The battle will be held at The Haunt here in Ithaca, on Saturday, January 19th, at 7:00 p.m. Each band gets 15 minutes of fame, as it were, to play whatever they feel best represents them as a band.
The submitting bands are greatly diverse. We have sounds from folksy country to dark synth. We have musicians who are still teenagers, all the way up to ladies who are old enough to not want to give their ages. The same goes for experience; for some of these folks, this will be old hat, but for others, it will be their first times on stage.
So get excited! Come out and cheer on some people who are laying it on the line! This is about the music, but it’s also about building a supportive, welcoming community. We are all very stoked.

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2 thoughts on “We Have a Battle!

  1. I would like to make an audio recording of the event. I can make the recordings available on freevillemusic.com, password protected if necessary. It would be a shame to let this unique event pass into audio oblivion.

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